Smells Like Wining Launches Just in Time for Mid Terms!!!

Free Bird

Ohhhhhh yeah!  Let's save this freedom train now!

On a damn serious patriotic note...America is getting its ass kicked culturally from within like few of us have ever seen in its history. You know it and we know it. They way our own damn media portrays this country you would think it was Nazi Germany. Didn't America go over there and put a stop to that personally? This is the thanks we get? 

Yet in all this 24/7 finger pointing, we hear nearly no outlet championing America's exceptionalism. No prominent voice pointing to what made America stand brightest and tallest. If you are a proud, educated patriot, then you know it was America's guarantee of freedom that made it exceptional. It was and it still is the ideas of individual liberty, to which so many died to make sure that principle survived for future generations. It wasn't the promise of a guaranteed wage or free healthcare (which if you have the brain of a semi intelligent rodent you know "free" doesn't exist). 

The truth is America arose from a dark time in man's history. It even did battle with slavery from within and freedom won. Harriet Tubman and rebellious slaves did not flee their masters for a guaranteed wage or free healthcare plan. They fled for their freedom. Now today, this pathetic limp generation will hand over all our freedoms for a universal basic income check or a forgiven school loan. They will demand your right to bear arms stripped because in their naivety they have been conditioned by dark forces to believe we have evolved past the possibility of tyrannical rulers. It truly breaks a freedom lover's heart.

Well here at SmellsLikeWinning.Com we will celebrate as true free men and women do. We will fight back and continue with our entrepreneurial endeavors. We will do this with a sense of humor, because what could be more important during such dark times as a solid, belly shaking laugh with a friend...and a cold beer.

Enjoy the winning smell of freedom!

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